About Platinum Commercial Real Estate Raleigh, NC


About Platinum Realty Group, LLC

Platinum’s Brand Personality

Platinum Realty Group’s personality can best be described as an educator, care giver, leader, and partner – seeking to make a positive contribution to the world while also experiencing personal fulfillment.

About Platinum Realty Group

Platinum Realty Group, LLC is a privately held commercial real estate development, project management, investment, and property management firm headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Platinum Realty Group and our affiliates, Platinum Commercial Realty, LLC, Platinum Property Management, LLC, Platinum Development Group, LLC, and Platinum Investment Group, LLC provide a comprehensive network of services to deliver real estate services that meet the needs of all of our clients.

Our team of professionals bring a unique perspective to commercial real estate with our combined experiences as being an owners, developers, investors, and property managers. We expertly manage each real estate project from inception to occupancy and beyond for landlords, tenants, owners and investors while focusing on meeting your specific needs and goals.

Platinum’s Mission – “Platinum Realty Group delivers unparalleled commercial real estate services by becoming each client’s single trusted resource. We provide each of our clients with the best knowledge and guidance to allow them to actualize their real estate and financial goals more about the author.”

Platinum’s Purpose – “Our team of executives are motivated and passionate in helping others achieve their goals. We are committed to providing excellent service, establishing long term relationships based on a deep level of trust, exceeding expectations, as well as being known as the most reliable and knowledgeable commercial real estate professionals in the Triangle and beyond.

Platinum’s Promise –  “We promise to uphold the highest ethical standards, cultivate a culture based on honesty, dependability, integrity and care for our clients, our employees and our community.

Platinum’s Philosophy “Actions speak louder than words” – “We believe that the only way we can provide you with the best service is to first listen, and then act. We don’t make promises, we find solutions to help you overcome your challenges and accomplish your goals.”